I am Original.

I belong to the present. I do not live in the past nor do I dwell in the future, I belong
to the just, to now. I have existed from the beginning. Experiencing life in just but I was always here. I am not a copy – I am the only one like me. I am self-dependant.
I am self-sustaining. I am natural and pure.

Reyaana Food and Beverages LLP is the parent company of the brand Original. The company is established by Vikalp and Vismit Bansal who with their entrepreneurial mindset had the objective of producing a product that has a positive impact on our lifestyle. Their fondness of desserts led them to the creation of Original Fruit Cream.

In the time we live, where in the name of food we are fed with adulteration and artificial-ness by the industries who keep capital gains as their ultimate priority.

Original does not require any justification. This name is highly un-coincidental. It stands out to provide refreshing essence of life, unaltered nutrients and the true gift of nature. Original offers a blessing disguised in the form of fruit cream and the real benefactor is the one who consumes it.

We are beginning in Delhi NCR with our retailing model which is an amalgamation of Retail stores and Tricycle carts.

Co-Founder's Profile

Vikalp Bansal

Vikalp Bansal


With experience in Technical and Operation Management, Vikalp maintains the smooth functioning of the brand, just like the velvety texture of the fruit cream.

  • vikalp@originalfruitcream.com
Vismit Bansal

Vismit Bansal


With his passion in Marketing and Customer Engagement, Vismit caters to the experience making sure the right ingredients reach audience at the right time.

  • vismit@originalfruitcream.com

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